Nana Patekar Slaps A Fan

Nana Patekar is known for his unique style in Bollywood and that’s why he made an impactful place in Bollywood. Currently, Nana Patekar is shooting for his upcoming movie journey in Varanasi.  

A video came out of Nana Patekar in Varanasi that he is slapping his fan while the fan is trying to take a photo with him. Let’s try to explore what exactly happened there.

Credit: Twitter X

Nana Patekar was standing on a spot with his Bodyguard and wearing a woolen coat muffler and hat.  

Then suddenly a man tried to take a selfie with Nana Patekar and I think Nana didn’t like that and slapped his fan on the back office head.

You may seen Nana Patekar in comedy roles but he is a very angry type of person as we get reports from the shooting places.

In Parth, he gets involved in a fight with Akshay Kumar Salman Khan, and many other actors for the working reasons.

Nana Patekar also fights with Akshay Kumar during the shooting of the Welcome movie.  

He clearly called Akshay Kumar a sided actor who wants to show himself as a superstar and cut the cuts the role of other actors.

This time Nana Patekar got angry with his fans in reaction his fan was very sad. The Bodyguard of Nana Patekar sides the fan when Nana hits him.

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Now he released a video from his official social media handle and said sorry to the fan he slapped.

Credit: Twitter X

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