Nana Patekar Confesses His Mistake On Social Media For Slapping A Fan

In the social media era, it is impossible to hide anything from the public as everything gets viral instantly. The same happened with Nana Patekar as he slapped a fan and the video went viral immediately.

Recently in a shooting of a movie Journey in Varanasi Nana Patekar was captured in a video where he slapped a fan on the back of his head.

The video went viral and Nana Patekar’s Fans got rude to him about how he can do something like this with his fans.

Nana Patekar confession video

Credit: Twitter X

Now a confession video came from Nana Patekar on his social media handle. Nana said he didn’t know that he was a fan actually it was a part of the scene to hit a person like this.

Nana Patekar said that I thought he was one of our crew members and according to the scene I needed to hit him on his back and tell him to leave.

The shot was in progress and suddenly that fan came and that incident happened accidentally. Nana said maybe his friend recorded the video so that video went viral.

He also said that I called him to say sorry but that man ran away from there, I dont do it with my fans when they ask me for a photo.

What could be the reason for releasing the video?

  • Maybe Nana realizes that the video went viral and can affect his movie after release because boycotting a movie is trending nowadays. So he apologizes on the internet to his fans to neutralize the situation.
  • Maybe that was a part of the scene and a fan arrived there and all things happened but I personally dont think that this kind of coincidence can really happen.

But after all this, we cannot deny the fact that Nana Patekar is one of the most loving Bollywood actors and the actor who loves to donate to charity.

This kind of thing happens sometimes and he realizes and says sorry to the person on social media, It’s a good side of Nana Patekar.

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