Adipurush Earns More Money Than Dunki On Opening Day

Shahrukh Khan is a successful actor in Bollywood, and every movie of his has a good collection at the box office.

But the recently released film Dunki disappointed the fans of Shahrukh Khan because the film is not performing well at the box office.

The release of the Dunki movie clashes with the movie Salaar. Salaar is the movie of big South Indian movie star Prabhas.

The result of this clash was that the craze for the Salaar movie was so much that Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunki could not stand in front of it.

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Adipurush Earns More Money Than Dunki On Opening Day

Prabhas’s craze is so much in India that you can guess from the fact that Prabhas’s previous film Adipurush was a flop but still, it did a business of Rs 36 crores on its opening day.

If you talk about the film Dunki, then Shahrukh Khan’s film did not even cross the Rs 30 crore mark on its opening day.

According to this, if you see, Adipurush movie had made more box office collections than Dunki on its first day.

Still, the Adipurush movie proved to be a flop movie, so it would not be wrong at all to say that Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunki is going to be a flop movie.

It is not that people like Shahrukh Khan only in romantic movies because in his recent movies, both Pathan and Jawan did well.

But Dunki movie proved to be a wrong movie selection for Shahrukh Khan because the story of this movie is a bit different which perhaps people did not like or people did not like the role of Shahrukh Khan.

Perhaps this is the reason why the film seems to be flopping at the box office. Or now Shahrukh Khan’s stardom has completely faded in front of Prabhas’s stardom.

Negative reviews of Dunki

Like Shahrukh Khan had said Dunki is going to be his best film to date and along with him, director Rajkumar Hirani was also very confident about this film.

Rajkumar Hirani has also done very good movies but what happened in this movie is that people are not like this movie at all.

According to the audience’s review, the said that this movie was fine for the audience from 2005 to 2010 but according to today’s generation, this movie does not seem right at all.

People say that maybe if 50-year-old people watch this movie, they may like this movie but the young generation will not like this movie at all.

People say that Rajkumar Hirani has not done good direction at all in this movie, he has forcefully inserted scenes in the movie that make people cry but did not work.

If the audience is to be believed, then they feel that Shahrukh Khan’s acting in this film was also nothing special.

This is probably because Shahrukh Khan does not do this type of role and people do not want to see Shahrukh Khan in this type of role.

Comparison of Adipurush and Dunki

If we compare Adipurush and Dunki, the stories of both are completely different. The story of Dunki is based on people who accidentally cross the border of Mexico and want to return to their homeland India.

If we talk about Adipurush, its story is taken from Ramayana. The reason for the flop of the film Aadipurush was the dialogues of this movie.

The audience did not like the dialogue of this movie at all, they felt that it was a bit bad dialogues.

But if we talk overall, then the Dunki movie has disappointed Shahrukh Khan’s fans a lot.

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