Sunny Leone Participates In Ganga Aarti At Varanasi

Sunny Leone is a famous actress in Bollywood, She is well known for her bold movies and her sexy scenes in Bollywood movies.

Nowadays she is busy with a lot of charity work and adopting children. Recently she was seen in Varanasi with her husband Daniel Weber participating in Ganga aarti.

She wears a traditional Indian outfit when she performs Ganga aarti with her husband.

I haven’t seen any of her movies for a long time and I have no news for her upcoming projects. I think she is busy with her new business projects.

Sunny Leone started her career as a porn actress in the United States of America then after some years she moved her career from porn to actress in Bollywood.

Her first movie in Bollywood was Sunny released in 2005. Her real name is Karenjit Kaur and her stage name is Sunny Leone.

She is the only indian actress who got three country citizenship Canada, America, and India. Akshay Kumar has also Indian and Canadian country citizenship.

Sunny Leone is like a clean-chit Bollywood actress who never felt in any fight or controversies in Bollywood. But in her starting career people didn’t like her as she came from the porn industry even some people still dont like her.

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