Continuous Flop Show Of Bollywood

Bollywood produces the largest number of movies in the world. Bollywood is also famous all over the world for giving good movies and from time to time Bollywood has also given very good movies.

But in the last few years, a series of flop movies has been going on in Bollywood. There was a time when people used to make movies in the name of film stars, but now times have changed.

Now people want to see new stories in Bollywood but only those stories are available in Bollywood which have been running since the 1990s.

Yes, good scenes are created by using some technology, but perhaps people have started getting bored of this thing.

Now people are expecting something new which Bollywood is not able to give people.

Continuous Flop Show Of Bollywood

Recently, movies of big stars have also flopped, like Salman Khan’s Tiger 3, people did not like it much and the movie flopped at the box office.

People think that the reason for Tiger 3 being a flop was the World Cup 2023 when this movie was released, Imprtant matches of India were going on during the World Cup and people were focusing on the World Cup instead of the movie.

But the audience who went to the theater to watch Tiger 3 also did not like this movie much and most of the people had negative reviews.

Not only Tiger 3 but Ganpat, Ghoomer, Shamshera, Bachchan Pandey, and there are many movies on the list that disappoint the audience.

People believe that Shahrukh Khan’s Dunki is also a flop

The recently released Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunki also could not make any special impact and the curiosity that was there in the minds of people about this film, the film did not live up to the curiosity at the box office.

Perhaps after giving superhit movies like Jawan and Pathan, Shahrukh Khan fans thought that he would give more good movies but people did not like the film Dunki at all.

There are only a few stars in Bollywood who are giving good movies and the reason for the success of their movies is the excellent script and story of the movie.

Among these successful actors, there are stars like Hrithik Roshan, and Vicky Kaushal, who have done very good Hindi movies, and all the movies have been superhits.

Bollywood comparison with South Indian Cinema

If we talk about South Indian cinema, then whether it is Tollywood or Kollywood, both are successful in giving excellent movies at the moment.

People are liking South Indian movies very much at this time. In North India too, the number of South Indian superstar fans is increasing day by day.

Perhaps this is also one of the reasons why people are comparing South Indian cinema with Bollywood but Bollywood is not able to stand at all in this comparison.

Ranbir Kapoor was in the recently released film Animal, people thought that maybe it is a Bollywood movie but let us tell you that it’s a movie from South Indian director director Sandeep Vanga Reddy.

If we say that the credit for this movie goes entirely to Bollywood, then it is not so, the credit for this movie also goes to South Indian cinema.


If Bollywood wants to stop continuing its flop shows and wants to create a distinct identity in the world, then they should have to work on good film scripts only.

Now the movie does not work by showing a little action drama. Now to make the movie a hit, the movie will have to be made on a different concept.

The sooner Bollywood understands this, the better it will be because the audience has become smart and wants to see something new.

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