Dunki Is Another Swades For Shahrukh Khan

There was a wait for Shahrukh Khan’s movie, that movie has been released but the expectations that Shahrukh Khan and his fans had from this movie do not seem to be fulfilled at all.

We are talking about Shahrukh Khan’s recently released film Dunki. The film collected only Rs 30 crores on the opening day and the second day the film could not even cross the figure of Rs 20 crores.

As much as Shahrukh Khan seemed confident about this movie, this movie seems to be proving equally useless at the box office.

Dunki Is Another Swades For Shahrukh Khan

This film is getting a lot of negative reviews and some say that this film is a flop movie like Shahrukh Khan’s Swades.

The story of Shahrukh Khan’s Swades movie, which was released in 2004, was good and it was a movie made on a different concept.

If you watch this movie even today, you will like the movie, but at that time this movie was a complete flop at the box office.

Let us tell you that Rs 22 crore was spent to make this movie and this movie did business of only Rs 16 crore at the box office hence it is considered a flop.

The story of Swades was also good

The concept of this movie was patriotism, how a scientist who is from India works in NASA America.

He comes to India to visit his village and he sees that his village is a very backward area, there is not even an electricity facility here.

So he decides that he will use the leave and use his skills for the development of his village.

His leave is about to end and he starts getting calls from NASA’s office but he decides not to go there and remains in his country India.

The story of the film was really good and its direction was also very good but I don’t know why people did not like this movie at all.

But today whoever has seen this movie praises the movie. Perhaps the reason for this movie flop may be that people want to see Shahrukh Khan only in romantic movies.

Shahrukh Khan’s role could be the reason for Dunki’s flop

Perhaps this was also the reason for Dunki’s flop. Shahrukh Khan recently made two movies which were excellent action movies named Jawan and Pathan.

People were expecting that Shahrukh Khan would make action movies again or make a romantic movie.

People like to see Shahrukh Khan in romantic movies only and if you see, romantic movies have played a role in making his career so successful.

But Shahrukh Khan again made a film similar to Swades, this time the concept was a little different but if you relate, the Dunki movie is similar to Swades.

This type of movie selection again backfired on Shahrukh Khan and people decided not to watch this Shahrukh Khan movie again.

Shahrukh Khan should select the movies carefully

This is such a time for Shahrukh Khan that he will have to pay a lot of attention to his movie selection.

If he wants to keep his Bollywood career successful, then he will have to select the best movie and if possible, he should select a romantic movie.

Shahrukh Khan can also choose the military man role because this kind of movie does well for Shahrukh Khan. He did military man roles in Jawan, Pathan, and Main Hun Na.

Although Rajkumar Hirani is the director of the movie Dunki, who makes the movies very well, perhaps the reason for the flop of this movie could be the presence of Shahrukh Khan in this movie too.

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