Cricket World Cup Destroying Salman Khan’s Tiger 3

The Cricket World Cup is the biggest event in India right now and Indian players are performing excellently as they are in the final now.

But this is proving to be bad news for Salman Khan’s movie Tiger 3. The movie performed really well at the box office but in the semi-final match of the cricket World Cup played between India and New Zealand the theatres were almost empty.

The same thing happened in the second semi-final played between Australia and South Africa. The movie collapses like a domino setup as the collection of the movie is 1/4th as expected.

Now the Indian team qualifies for the final which will be played against Australia in Ahmedabad. The craze of the World Cup is on another level now. No one is talking about any movie, all eyes are on the World Cup final.

I am sure that in the final all the theatres will remain empty because all will support the Indian team right now.

Dont be shocked if you hear the news about empty theatres and the collection could be nil of Salman Khan’s movie Tiger 3.

This movie review has a mixed reaction because some people liked that movie and some say that this is just a copy-paste of Pathan and Jawan’s story, it’s nothing new in this movie.

Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 could be destroyed because of this cricket World Cup. But we all Indians are waiting for Team India to lift that World Cup, We really dont care about the movies right now.

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