Tejas Failed To Impress The Audience

Highlight- The controversial queen Kangana Ranaut's movie Tejas failed to impress the audience as the movie is not performing well at the box office as this movie only made 50 lakhs on Monday.

Kangna’s Tejas, the action-packed movie of Kangna, which Kangna, during its promotions, called a first arial movie, failed to impress the audience, Kangana, who is known for beak opinion, is getting brutally trolled after Tejas’s bad performance, and people are making memes about her.

Recently, Kangana took to her Twitter handle and shared a strong reaction against the people who are bashing her, The actress said that people wishing her ill will always be miserable. 

Kangna: Super Flopped at the Box Office in the Last 5 Years

The movie Tejas, starring Kangana in the lead role, was released in the cinema on October 27, 2023.

After that, Kangna’s next movie is Emergency, which will be released in 2023, and three other films are in the pipeline; if we see Kangna’s movies, then in the last five years, Kangna didn’t give a single hit except for one movie, her last movies continuously flop at the box office.

Tejas failed the Monday test.

According to recent reports, the movie Tejas earned 50 lakhs on Monday; forget about the crores; the film is now touching the lakhs that seriously.

The total net business of the movie was Rs 4.25 crore at the domestic box office, which is not 30% of the total fee given to the team members.

Kangna is known for her strong acting personality. Promoted her film Tejas vigorously but failed to impress the audience.

While Kangana Ranaut is always very open and bold about her opinions, it seems, according to the reviews, that the movie has little strength.

Here, we have netizens’ reactions and reviews for the movie Tejas. The most Bekar movie I have ever seen was the worst actress in the worst movie the audience trolled her badly.

I am trying to figure out what happens with the movie. The trailer was brilliant; it just gives us goosebumps. Dont know what happened with the storyline or other actors’ acting skills.

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