Film Sila Nodigalil Will Be A Perfect Murder Mystery

The film Sila Nodigalil is all set to release on November 24, 2023, in theatres. It will be the first Tamil movie for the director Vijay Bharadwaj.

The movie will be full of emotions, suspense, thriller story. I can definitely say that this will be a perfect murder mystery.

The production cost of the movie is a little high because the full movie was shot in London. The producer of the movie is Punnagai Poo Geetha.

Trailer of Sila Nodigalil

The trailer of the movie was released on November 11, 2023, and it looks like the movie is too mysterious.


Sila Nodigalil’s Songs released on YouTube

There are 4 songs from the movie Sila Nodigalil released on YouTube that you can listen to below.


The cast of Sila Nodigalil

Richard Rishi and Punnagai Poo Geetha are in the lead role in the movie. Richard Rishi is playing the role of Raj Varadhan and Punnagai Poo Geetha is playing the role of Medha Varadhan.Yashika Anand as Maya Pillai also in an important role in the movie.

In this film, there are several romantic scenes that are necessary because of the demand of the movie. The movie first be released in Tamil and then it will come in the Kannada version.

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