Nora Fatehi To Start Her World Tour

Many dancers come to Bollywood and many go but some will be remembered forever. Nora Fatehi is one of these dancers and she is the first from Bollywood to start her world tour and perform the dance in many countries.

Nora Fatehi is not only popular in India but she is also known for her fantastic dance moves all around the world.

Her fan following is on another level and you can see her photo in almost every dance academy in India.

Nora Fatehi is giving a special dance appearance in almost every movie in Bollywood nowadays. She charges the highest amount to dance in a single song. There is no actress in this era of Bollywood who can dance like her.

Madhuri Dixit is known as the top dancer in Bollywood but after her marriage, she quit the movies in Bollywood. Madhuri Dixit is also a very good actress and has a lot of movies in Bollywood.

Nora Fatehi is a decent actress so you cannot compete her with Madhuri Dixit for sure. But she became the first Indian actress to achieve that position and went on a world tour and performed dance in many countries.

Nora also going to launch her first international track during the world tour and will perform her best songs.

Nora Fatehi to start her world tour in January 2024 and there is no ending date that came out of this world tour.

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