History Behind Animal Movie Song Arjan Vailly

Ranbir Kapoor’s film Animal has now arrived in theaters and this film is getting very good reviews and a lot of love from the audience.

People had already made advance bookings of this film and if we talk about recent times, the cinema halls where the Animal movie is being shown are running houseful.

History Behind Animal Movie Song Arjan Vailly

Arjan Vailly song from the movie Animal is in trend these days. This song is on everyone’s lips and this song has got very good views on YouTube.

But do you know that this song is not new, this song has been taken from Sikh history. Actually, Arjan has been talked about in this song, his full name is Arjan Singh Nalwa.

This song was sung by Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his service during the war with the Mughals. In this song, the story of the battlefield performance by Hari Singh Nalwa’s son Arjan Singh Nalwa was narrated.

Meaning of Arjan Vailly Song

In this song, it was narrated how Arjan Singh Nalwa came to take charge of the Sikh Empire after his father Hari Singh Nalwa’s death.

During the war with the Mughals, Arjan Singh Nalwa destroyed all the Mughals with Axe and created chaos on the battlefield.

In this song, it is further told how rivers of blood rose on the battlefield when Arjan Singh Nalwa starts fighting.

In this song, Arjan Singh Nalwa is compared to a bull. Just as even a bull is not afraid of anyone on the battlefield, similarly Arjan Singh Nalwa also fought on the battlefield without fearing anyone.

Writer, Singer, and Music Director of the song Arjan Vailly

If we talk about the collaboration of this song, then this song will play a big role in making the Animal movie a super hit.

If talk about this song, this song was written and sung by Bhupendra Babbal ji in Animal.

The music of this song has been given by Manan Bhardwaj and this music fits perfectly on the strength of the song.

Controversy with Arjan Vailly song

Although the song of Arjan Vailly suits the story of the movie perfectly because the movie is quite violent and a lot of fighting is shown in it, hence this song is also based on a warrior named Arjan Singh Nalwa.

But controversy was created when Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan in Rajya Sabha said that this type of movie should be ban by the Censor Board.

But the Censor Board gives clean chit to a movie of this type and does not ask to delete even a single scene.

Apart from having violent scenes in this movie, there is also sexual scenes which has been done by Tripti Dimri and Ranbir Kapoor.

Let us tell you that the movie is running well in theaters and is also making good collections at the box office. These words of Congress Mp Ranjeet Ranjan are neither having any impact on the audience nor on the censor board.

Because even the Censor Board has not given any answer as to why they give clean chit to a Animal.

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