Movie Animal Facing Negative Review In Rajya Sabha

Animal movie has been released in theaters and the movie is making waves. If we talk about its box office collection, the movie has crossed the Rs 500 crore mark.

Directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, this movie stars Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, and Tripti Dimri in lead roles.

In this movie, Anil Kapoor is seen in the side role and Bobby Deol is seen in the role of the villain, who is also looking quite good.

Movie Animal Facing Negative Review In Rajya Sabha

While on one hand this movie is being praised a lot, there is also a section that is giving negative reviews to this movie.

Yes, on December 7, 2023, Congress MP Ranjeet Ranjan in the Rajya Sabha said that a movie like Animal should not have been released.

What MP Ranjeet Ranjan said about the movie in Rajya Sabha

He said that the Animal movie has a lot of violence and such sexual scenes that I don’t know how the censor board has given a clean chit to this movie and still running in the theatre.

This statement given by MP Ranjeet Ranjan in the Rajya Sabha on 7th December is making a lot of headlines today and people are also saying that it is true that too much violence has been shown in this movie.

MP Ranjeet Ranjan asks what effect will this type of violence have on our youth and if the film gives any good message.

Further, MP Ranjeet Ranjan said that the way sexual scenes have been shown in this movie, it seems like a blue film is going on.

Violence and Sexual scenes in the movie Animal

Actually, in this movie, Tripti Dimri and Ranbir Kapoor play the role of boyfriend and girlfriend, during this a sexual scene is shown between them which MP Ranjeet Ranjan considers sexual which is not acceptable.

If we talk about overall audience reviews, they say that this is Ranbir Kapoor’s best movie to date.

The audience says that this movie is even better than KGF, as much as the violence shown in KGF was not there, violence has been shown in this movie which is a bit different.

Now it remains to be seen what impact these words of MP Ranjeet Ranjan have on the Film Censor Board and whether this statement has any impact on this movie or not, only time will tell.

But currently, this movie is doing very well at the box office and people are coming to the movie theater with great enthusiasm to watch Animal film.

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