Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Releasing On Perfect Time

Everyone felt that Ranbir Kapoor’s movie Animal was not released because he was afraid of competition from Tiger 3. But they chose the perfect time to release this masterpiece.

The Cricket World Cup affects the Bollywood industry

We saw that Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 could not perform well in the World Cup because this movie was released during the semi-finals and finals, so under the pressure of the World Cup, no one went to watch this movie.

In some places, it was also seen that movie theaters were completely empty where only two or four people were sitting.

So we can say with absolute certainty that it was because of the Cricket World Cup that Tiger 3 did not earn as much as it should have.

Tiger 3 was a very big movie and it was made on a good budget. But due to the World Cup, this movie proved not to be able to earn that much.

For a long time, Ranbir Kapoor’s movie Animal was in trend. People felt that this movie should be released soon but the movie makers stopped the movie from releasing.

Because he knew that if this movie was released now, the World Cup could have a huge impact on the earnings of this movie.

However, now the time has come for the release of this movie which is going to be released in theaters on 1 December 2023.

The story of Animal could be the reason for its success

The story of the movie is considered quite different because Ranbir Kapoor is coming into a different look.

Credit: YouTube

As we can see a little in the trailer, Ranbir Kapoor’s movie is about a boy who belongs to a very rich family but his thinking is somewhat psycho type.

And looking at the scenes and shoot locations, it seems that the movie is quite a big budget movie, so the expectation is quite high from this movie.

Animal’s Promotions Strategy

A few days ago, we saw a unique way of promoting the movie, the post of this movie was released on Burj Khalifa, which was a very unique way.

We feel that many people are sad after the loss of this World Cup, so maybe with the release of Animal Movie, they will go to watch this movie to remove their depression and sadness.


It is expected that this movie can earn quite well if its story is good and we know the acting skills of Ranbir Kapoor, he is a very good actor.

But how can we feel whether the movie will be released well or not? After the release of this movie, we will know how well the movie can do at the box office.

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