These 4 Songs Of Sam Bahadur Makes The Movie Superhit

How good or bad a movie is can be determined by its story, but the songs are as important as the story, they play a vital role in making the movie a hit or keeping the audience glued to their seats.

Vicky Kaushal’s Sam Bahadur has been released in theaters today and the reviews of the movie are also very good.

Still, today we will talk about how good the songs of this movie are and how much they are helping in making Sam Bahadur a superhit.

These 4 songs of Sam Bahadur make the movie a superhit

These 4 songs of Sam Bahadur are very good, namely Dum Hai To Aaja, Itni Si Baat, Badhte Chalo, and Banda.

Let us tell you that all four songs are very lovely to listen to and if you listen to these songs, they will not let you move from your seat. The music given in it and the voice given by the singer is very lovely.

Dum Hai To Aaja

Dum Hai To Aaja is Sam Bahadur’s Song, Sunidhi Chauhan has sung this song with her lovely voice and Shankar Ehsaan Loy has given his music in this song.

If you listen to the song Dum Hai To Aaja, it seems an attempt has been made to recreate the song of the 90s era, which sounds quite good and Sunidhi Chauhan has sung the song in the same flavor of the 90s.

Itni Si Baat

Shreya Ghoshal and Sonu Nigam have lent their voices to the song Itni Si Baat. Shankar Ehsaan Loy has also given music for this song.

We know Shreya Ghoshal and how good a singer she is, and Sonu Nigam is considered the best singer in Bollywood but he has sung in Bollywood for a long time and she has done wonders.

Badhte Chalo

Sam Bahadur is a patriotic movie and it becomes very important that there should be some inspirational song in this movie. So there is a motivational song which will inspire you a lot.

This song has been sung jointly by Shankar Mahadevan, Divya Kumar, and Vishal Dadlani. Shankar Ehsaan Loy has given music in this song.

This song has been made to inspire soldiers in many situations as if you can get inspired in real life by listening to it.


Sam Bahadur is a biopic which is a movie made on Soldier Sam Manekshaw and the song Banda Song dedicated to Sam Manekshaw.

Shankar Ehsaan Loy has given his music to this song and Shankar Mahadevan has sung this song in his voice.


So these are the four songs that make Sam Bahadur’s movie more special. If we talk about Sam Bahadur movie then the movie is very good.

If you have not seen this movie yet, then we would suggest you watch this movie and watch it in the theater with the whole family.

So that our children also know how many sacrifices our Army has made to ensure that our country is not harmed.

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