Similar Movies Like Jawan

Jawan is a movie by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and this superhit movie is one of the highest-earning movies of Shah Rukh Khan. But did you know that there are other similar movies like Jawan?

Let’s discuss this topic and let you know some fantastic movies like Jawan made in the past.

Similar Movies Like Jawan

  1. Hindustani
  2. Aparichit
  3. Gabbar Is Back
  4. Nayak: The Real Hero
  5. Shivaji: The Boss

The stories of these movies are different but the meanings of all the movies are the same. We are discussing these movies one by one.


Similar Movies Like Jawan

The movie Hindustani is also popular by the name Indian in some regions of India. This movie was released in 1996 and the Kamal Haasan was in the lead role in the movie as Senapathy.

The story is based on a freedom fighter who was in the army of Subhash Chandra Bose in the period of 1940 to 1947. When India earned the freedom from British Empire Senapathy wanted a corruption-free country.

But one day Senapathy found that his wife had some medical issues and he immediately went to the hospital to admit his wife. But the doctor demands a bribe of 10,000 Rs. from Senapathy to admit his wife.

Senapathy denied giving the amount to the doctor and suddenly his wife died after some hours. His all family members went against Senapathy and told him why he didn’t give the doctor that bribe amount.

Senapathy decides that he will remove the corruption from the country by giving punishment to whoever demands a bribe from anyone. He started his mission from his own state Tamil Nadu.

He starts killing the person brutally who demands bribes from anyone, He doesn’t care if the person is from his own family or even his own son.

After two or three murders everybody gets scared from to take the bribe as Senapathy will kill him for sure.

The movie is such a masterclass and the acting of Kamal Haasan is amazing, We highly recommend you to watch this movie.


Similar Movies Like Jawan

The movie Aparichit was released in 2005 and it is a very different movie because of the concept of this movie. South Indian superstar Vikram was in the lead role in the movie.

The name of Vikram is Ambi in this movie, Ambi is a medically disturbed person but nobody knows it because of the uniqueness of his sickness.

Actually, Ambi living 3 lives Remo, Apirichit, and of course Ambi himself. He was disturbed in his childhood when his dear sister died because of a fault in the System.

So Apirichit character was born in his childhood. Ambi became Apirichit when he realized that something wrong was happening because someone was not doing his duty properly.

Ambi punish the culprits according to the old scriptures of Hindu books where punishment is written according to the sin of the person which is given in hell like burning a human in warm oil, tying a human and spreading insects to his body, etc.

Ambi also loves the girl living near his house Nandini but Nandini doesn’t like Ambi. So a character named Remo in Ambi acts like a cool dude to impress Nandini.

The interesting part of the movie is that even Ambi doesn’t know that these two characters Remo and Apirichit living in his body.

This is a fantastic piece of entertainment and this movie is better than Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan as the concept of this movie is different.

Gabbar Is Back

Similar Movies Like Jawan

Akshay Kumar gave many patriotic movies to Bollywood but when you talk about Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan Gabbar Is Back stands good in this comparison.

In Gabbar Is Back Akshay Kumar plays the role of Gabbar. Gabbar is hunting for the corrupt persons and killing them, The Police searching for him but they all fail because Gabbar is killing corrupt people one by one.

First, he kidnaps 10 Tehseeldars and returns 9 to the police but kills 1 out of them who is more corrupt than all and hangs him in a public place with a note about his all corrupt incidents.

He sends a CD to the police that he will kill all the corrupt officers in the government and clear the country from this dirty situation.

In one incident he brings a dead body to the hospital that he knows is a corrupt hospital. He admits the dead body as a patient and the hospital starts making fools of them that the dead body is alive and looting them.

After some hours doctors said that the patient was dead and then Akshay Kumar Aka Gabbar showed the death certificate to the doctors and said that the patient was already dead.

He demanded 50 Lakh rupees from the doctor for the dead person’s wife but they denied it, So Gabbar released the mobile video in public, and the public killed the owner of the hospital.

At the end of the movie, Gabbar also surrenders to the police after killing Patil who is the most corrupt person, and becomes the hero of the country.

Nayak: The Real Hero

Similar Movies Like Jawan

This is also one of the popular Bollywood movies of Anil Kapoor. The story of the movie is very interesting let’s discuss it.

Anil Kapoor plays the role of Shivaji Rao Gaekwad In Nayak: The Real Hero movie. There are also other talented actors in the movie like Amrish Puri, Johnny Lever, Rani Mukharji, Paresh Rawal, Pooja Batra, etc.

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad is a generalist in the movie he got the opportunity to interview the chief minister of Maharashtra Balraj Chauhan, India. He started asking some critical questions about corruption happening in the state.

The chief minister did not answer the questions properly and said that Shivaji had really a problem with the system so why didn’t he join as the chief minister of Maharashtra for one day?

After a big drama, Shivaji accepted his challenge and became one-day chief minister of Maharashtra. He starts his duty as a chief minister and starts suspending all the corrupt officers.

Former chief minister Balraj Chauhan also got some notices from the Shivaji Rao Gaikwad for his corruption. After one day Shivaji is removed from his duty but Balraj Chauhan wants to take revenge on Shivaji. So Balraj attacked Shivaji with the help of his goons.

The Public demanded Shivaji to fight the election for chief minister of Maharashtra but Shivaji was not interested. But in the end, he became chief minister of Maharashtra and cleared all the dirty situation in Maharashtra.

Shivaji: The Boss

Similar Movies Like Jawan

When you talk about superhit movies and Rajinikanth is not there, this is impossible. Shivaji: The Boss is a super duper hit movie by Rajinikanth. The story of the movie is very interesting.

Rajinikanth plays the role of Shivaji in the movie. Shivaji is a software engineer who returns from the United States of America after resigning from the job to do something for Indian students.

He wants to open a university for Indian students so that they can study higher education at a cheap price.

But Adiseshan doing the education business as he has many education institutes, so he doesn’t want Shivaji to open a university to secure his business.

He makes hurdles for Shivaji so he cannot open the University with the help of corrupt government officers.

So Shivaji decides to clear the dirt and wants to do something for the poor people of India. So he hired goons and other educated teams to trap all the corrupt officers recover bribe money from them and help the poor people.

He collects money from corrupt people deposits this money to the other country’s bank account and withdraws the money to his charity accounts.

The movie is very good as this is an action and comedy mix movie.


If you are looking for Patriotic movies these similar movies like Jawan are handpicked for you. These movies have good superstars with fantastic acting skills. You must watch these movies if you like Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Jawan.

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