Karan Patel’s Darran Chhoo Movie Review

So, finally, Karan Patel gets what he deserves. He got his first movie, “Darran Chhoo,” as the lead actor, and the movie was launched on the 13th of October 2023.

The movie has just been released, and here are the reasons why you need to watch it.

So, all you fans of Karan Patel, get ready for this hit. Let’s dive into the “Darran Chhoo” movie review, including its plot, cast, crew, and more.

Darran Chhoo Movie Review: Story

The story of this movie is a bit different from the typical Bollywood narrative. The film begins with the challenging life of Manav Awasthi, who believes that problems are temporary and that better times will come.

However, as time goes on, the struggles persist, and even luck does not seem to favor him. So, he decides to commit suicide.

Manav Awasthi thinks that the problems will cease to exist when he is no longer in this world. Then, the entry of Ashutosh Rana happens, promising to help in the situation and make his life better.

Manav Awasthi believes him and agrees to go with Ashutosh Rana, but Manav Awasthi (Karan Patel) finds himself in a critical situation.

Manav Awasthi is caught between illegal human organ dealers. The movie is filled with comedy and action. It won’t bore you at any point.

Trailer of Darran Chhoo

The cast of Darran Choo

  • Karan Patel
  • Manoj Joshi
  • Saanand Verma
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Amit Dolawat
  • Smriti Karla
  • Kirna Bhargava

Crew members of Darran Chhoo

  • The movie is produced by Ankita Bhargava.
  • Bharat Ratan wrote and directed this movie.
  • Vijay Verma, Amjad Nadeem, and Aamir provided the music for the “Darran Chhoo” movie.
  • Suresh Beesaveni is the cinematographer.
  • Abhay Bhargava is the co-producer of “Darran Chhoo.”

Ankita Bhargava and Abhay Bhargava are newcomers in the production field. They are both actors who have worked in some famous movies and television series.

Abhay Bhargava is one of the finest actors in the television industry and has received praise from many producers in the television industry.

Poster of Darran Chhoo

The poster of the movie conveys the concept of the film. You can see Karan Kundra standing amidst words that surround him, such as Job, family, shaadi, pyaar, and pesa.


This is a must-watch movie for those who appreciate talented actors. All the actors in this movie are more experienced and talented than many so-called actors.

Karan Patel and Ashutosh Rana need no introduction, and actors like Saanand Verma, who is well-known for his role in “Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain,” have delivered outstanding performances in this movie.

The entire cast and crew have done a great job, and we wish them all the best for this movie.

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