Salaar Easily Beats Dunki

We were expecting a huge competition between Salaar and Dunki. But Dunki flopped badly on the first day as Salaar earned more than double from day 1.

Fans of Shahrukh Khan speculated that his film Dunki would flop Prabhas’s upcoming film Salaar like MAFANG ETF in the Stock market.

Salaar Easily Beats Dunki

But something opposite happened in the Day 1 collection which Shahrukh Khan’s fans would never have imagined and even the director of Dunki film Rajkumar Hirani would not have imagined.

If we talk about the collection of the film, Dunki could not even cross the figure of Rs 40 crore on the first day. The first-day collection of Salaar movie had reached close to Rs 100 crore.

After the success of Shahrukh Khan’s films Jawan and Pathan, it seemed that Shahrukh Khan had again started the process of giving superhit movies.

But exactly the opposite happened and the film seems to be flopping at the box office. Whereas Salaar is looking like a super duper hit blockbuster film.

Fans review on Dunki

People who came to the theater to watch the movie Dunki had mixed reactions and mostly everyone seemed to have negative reviews about the movie.

People said that Rajkumar Harrani directed this movie for the 2003 year’s audience. Rajkumar Hirani has tried to force people to cry from time to time, which will prove to be a complete failure.

Some people even said that everyone’s acting in the film was good but they did not like Shahrukh Khan’s acting.

The way Shahrukh Khan had said that Dunki would be the best among all the movies in which he acted, seems to be completely wrong.

Film Salaar gets the benefit of an A certificate from CBFC

If we talk about the Salaar movie, the Censor Board of Film Certification gave an A certificate to Salaar, so it seemed that fewer people would go to the theater just to watch it.

But it seemed that getting this certificate was a profitable deal for Salaar and people went to the theater in droves to watch it.

How the movie is going to perform in the theater can be known on the first day itself. Now it seems that maybe Dunki is ready to join Shahrukh Khan’s flop films.

People do not feel anything in this film that is left alone blockbuster, this film will be included even in Shahrukh Khan’s average film.

Salaar breaks the flop film streak of Prabhas

If we talk about Salaar, then this film is going to break the series of flop films of Prabhas. The film Salaar will prove to be a game changer for Prabhas and will make him a big star in the film industry.

After the film Baahubali, two to three films of Prabhas flopped continuously, so it seemed that perhaps the downfall of Prabhas had started.

Prabhas proved in the film Salaar that he is a big star in the film industry. There is no bigger action hero than him in the film industry at present.

If we talk about the rest of the actors in the film Salaar, then actors like Prithviraj Sukumaran and Shruti Haasan have also done excellent acting.

Prashanth Neel has directed every scene of this movie very well. Prashanth Neel proved that at present he is the biggest director in India giving action movies.


If we compare Dunki with Salaar, we can clearly say that Salaar completely dominates Dunki.

Dunki may earn good money in the coming days but it is very clear that the Salaar is going to be a huge blockbuster that cannot be compared with the Dunki.

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