A Big Shock For Salaar Ceasefire

Many big movies are coming up, one of which is Salaar Ceasefire. Salaar Ceasefire is a very awaited movie for which the fans have been waiting for a long time.

The movie is about to be released but this movie has suffered a big setback. The Censor Board of Film Certification has given it an A certificate.

This means that this movie is a very violent movie and some scenes in it can be disturbing, hence this movie can be watched only by adults i.e. 18+.

A Big Shock For Salaar Ceasefire

Discussions going on for a long time as to which movie is going to perform better between these two movies, Dunki and Salaar.

Now it is obvious that the film Dunki has been given a clean check by the Censor Board of Film Certification, which can be watched by everyone, whereas Salaar Ceasefire has been given an A certificate, which means that only adults can watch this film. Children can’t see.

Now it is clear that Dunki will get the advantage of it and going to earn more than Salaar Ceasefire at the box office.

Why censor board of film certification not give A certificate to Animal?

Recently, Sandeep Vanga Reddy’s film Animal also came which was very violent, it was not only physically but emotionally also a violent movie.

On this, MP Ranjan Ranjeet had also raised questions on the Censor Board of Film Certification as to how they permit to release of such a violent movie.

But still, the Censor Board did not listen to this and the film Animal did well at the box office and Animal even earned Rs 800 crores.

The Censor Board of Film Certification surprised everyone by issuing this certificate for Prashanth Neel’s upcoming film Salaar Ceasefire.

Now it remains to be seen whether Prashant Neel will take any action on this or if will he be allowed to release the movie with an A certificate only.

We feel that this has been wrong because if the Violent movie was not to be shown to children then the Animal movie should also have been given an A certificate.

There is a huge action scene of 15 to 20 minutes in the movie Animal in which a lot of violence is shown.

This action scene is quite disturbing, so when such a movie is not given an A certificate, then there is no point in giving an A certificate to Prabhas’s Salaar Ceasefire.

What is Prabhas fan’s reaction?

If we talk about Prabhas fans, then they are very angry with this and they say that this is very wrong with Prabhas.

Fans say that this is a way of suppressing Prabhas’s stardom and this kind of action is not worth tolerating at all, it is just plain bias.

Only time can tell what happens next because the release date of the movie is very near which is 22 December 2023.

Now the thing to be seen will be whether this film is released only with A certificate or after removing some scenes, this movie will be shown again to the censor board so that it can remove this page A certificate.

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