Mahesh Babu To Star In Rajamouli’s Upcoming Film

Rajamouly is one of the finest directors in the world, he worked with many superstars and made superhit films. Now Mahesh Babu to star in Rajamouli’s Upcoming film.

Fans have been waiting for this duo for a long time as Mahesh Babu is a very good actor and deserves to work with Rajamouli.

Finally, a piece of good news came out that Mahesh Babu is going to work on Rajamouli’s next project.

Rajamaouli’s next film

Rajamouli finishes the script with only some part of the ending of the script remaining. He also finalizes that Mahesh Babu will be in the lead role in this film.

If you watch all the films Rajamouly you know his filming style, all the drama, emotions, and actions will be there.

This will be an action-packed movie with a lot of VFX used to give you the best feeling in theatres. This movie could be a 3D movie.

Rajamouli hints that the movie will be shot in Jungles around India and South Africa.

We can expect the shooting of the movie to start in February 2024 as Mahesh Babu is busy promoting his upcoming movie Guntur Kaaram.

Rajamouli also working on finalizing the script of the movie but the movie is going to be a big hit for sure.

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