Nayanthara Received Mercedes Maybach As Gift

Beautiful actress Nayanthara turns 39 years old on 18 November 2023. Her husband Vignesh Shivan gifted her a very lovely car, a Mercedes Maybach, on her birthday. The price of this Mercedes Maybach is 3.64 crore rupees.

Nayanthara received Mercedes Maybach as a gift from her husband Vignesh Shivan

But Nayanthara’s husband Vignesh Shivan was a little late on the occasion because her birthday was on 18th November and he gifted Nayanthara a Mercedes Maybach on 29th November.

Actually, when our team investigated this entire matter, we found that he had booked the Mercedes Maybach and it was to be delivered on 18th November but due to some transportation issues, the delivery could not be done on 18th November.

Actually, the color of the car that he had chosen to give to Vignesh Shivan was getting a little late. The company had said that we could give you some other color but business Sivan wanted the same color, hence this gift got a little late.

Why Vignesh Shivan gift black colored Mercedes Maybach

Vignesh Shivan gifted a black colored Mercedes Maybach to Nayanthara and it was unavailable from the company because other colors were available in the company except black.

But Vignesh Shivan had to give black color only because Nayanthara likes black-colored cars.

Nayanthara is very happy with this gift

Here are the images shared by Nayanthara on her Instagram account.

Well, Nayanthara is very happy after receiving this gift and we can gauge her happiness from the fact that while sharing the image of Mercedes Maybach on her Instagram handle, she wrote in the caption that this beautiful gift was from her husband.

Shraddha Kapoor also purchased a hot Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica but it was not a gift.

Along with this, let us tell you that Nayanthara’s husband Vignesh Shivan is a great producer and director who has produced and directed many good movies.

Nayanthara’s recent blockbuster Jawan was a blockbuster hit in which Shahrukh Khan played the lead role.

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