Mrunal Thakur In The Movie Hi Nanna Is Brilliant

There is no doubt that Mrunal Thakur is an excellent actress but either she did not get a good film or she did not get a good role in such a way that she could prove that she is a very good actress.

But if you are a good and good actor, then sometimes you get a role and a movie through which you can prove yourself.

So perhaps Mrunal Thakur has got one such movie today whose name is Hi Nanna. Mrunal Thakur was offered a very good role in this movie, which she played very well. We can say that Mrunal Thakur in the movie Hi Nanna is brilliant.

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Hi Nanna’s story

If we talk about the story of this movie, then it is a family drama that is not so complicated but its narration has been done so well that it makes the movie worth watching.

The movie is based on a family and depicts the relationship between a father(Viraj) and his daughter(Mahi). In this family, there is a father, a daughter, and a grandfather of Mahi there is also a dog in their family whose name is Pluto.

Mahi’s father is a fashion photographer who works in Mumbai and loves his daughter very much.

Although the Mahi loves her father very much, she sees her mother’s space somewhere in the family, which even her father realizes.

Then suddenly Mrunal Thakur(Yashna) enters the family and the girl starts seeing her mother in Yashna.

At the end of the movie, Mahi’s father Viraj marries Yashna, thereby completing the family.

Hi Nanna casting

In this film, Nani has played the lead role with Mrunal Thakur, who himself is a very good actor. Besides, this movie also has a great actress like Shruti Haasan who is the daughter of Kamal Haasan.

So, acting with such big actors is a big thing and Mrunal Thakur must have learned a lot from this, due to which we will be able to see improvement in his upcoming films.

Mrunal Thakur’s acting

If we talk about Mrunal Thakur’s acting, his acting in this movie has been praiseworthy.

If you go to the cinema theater to watch this movie, you will feel that a professional actor is acting after seeing Mrunal Thakur’s acting.

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