Manoj Muntashir Receiving Death Threats

Manoj Muntashir is a famous lyricist and also a screenwriter. Manoj Muntahsir wrote the dialogues of the movie Adipurush Starrer Prabhas which made him more famous among the audience but in the wrong way.

The audience found the dialogues of the movie abusive and they didn’t like the movie because of the dialogues as it was a religious movie of Lord Ram.

People said that you cannot use this kind of language in a movie like this as the sentiments of Lots of Hindu People are attached to the characters in the movie.

After the movie was released Manoj Muntashir continuously received death threats and he left the country for some days.

He said in an interview if I heart sentiment then I really apologize to the people and myself also a true Hindu who follows all the rituals in the Hindu religion.

He also confesses that yes this mistake is from my side but it was not intentional. He said that we changed many dialogues in the movie after the objections.

He also said that I am leaving this country with my family for some time as I am receiving death threats, I dont want my family to trouble in this matter.

Manoj Muntashir will come to India after all things settle down according to the reports. He promised to not write these kinds of dialogue again in the films like this.

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