Kriti Sanon Performs Well in Ganapath

According to the experts, Kriti Sanon performs well in Ganapath. Let’s discuss what Kriti Sanon said about his performance in the interview.

In the latest interview, Kriti said, “Nothing is easy if you try it for the first time. I’ve never done any action films before”.

Tiger always inspired me. My first film was with Tiger; so I am always inspired by him and want to do action films.

Kriti Sanon excels in the role; users appreciated the action sequences and impressive performances done by Kriti Sanon.

Another user said kya class h kya swag h kriti ji ka. Users said no other actress performed the action sequences like Kriti, the perfect pair for Tiger Shroff in Ganpath.

Last Wednesday, in a white short-sleeved dress complemented by thigh-high boots, Kriti arrived in Delhi to promote her upcoming action thriller movie ‘Ganapath’ alongside co-star Tiger Shroff.

Along with Kriti Sanon, other superstars were cast in the movie, action king Tiger Shroff, legendary Amitabh Bachchan, Rahman, Ellie Avram, Jameel Khan, Gireesh Kulkarni, Shruthy Menon, and Ziad Bakri.

Your wait is over! The film was released theatrically on 20 October 2023 during Dussehra in Hindi with dubbed versions in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada languages.

We are seeing Kriti and Tiger Sherrof in a power-packed action punch in Ganapath! Witnessing a crazy action sequence by an actress is amazing to watch in Ganpath!
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Let’s take a synopsis of the Movie

The plot of the Movie lies in 2070, where Guddu, the protagonist, transforms into Ganpath, the savior who sets out on a mission to safeguard his people from Dalini.

Kriti Sanon shows how a heroine can shine in a male-centric plot. TigerShroff does what he knows for the best.

VikasBahl’s narrative faces a minor, but the result is an unprecedented spectacle for Indian cinema.

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