Suzan Has No Problem With Hrithik Roshan And Saba Azad’s Relationship

We all know that Hrithik Roshan is one of the top superstars in Bollywood. He is well known for his controversies as well. Nowadays Hrithik Roshan is in love with Saba Azad and her ex-wife has no problem with that at all.

Recently Hrithik Roshan wished her girlfriend Saba Azad a very happy birthday and confessed his sweet love to her. Suzan Khan Also reacted to that and seemed very positive.

Suzan Has No Problem With Hrithik Roshan And Saba Azad’s Relationship

1st November is Saba Azad’d birthday, she is receiving blessings and love from her close people as well as from her fans.

Hrithik Roshan shares pictures on Instagram with Saba Azad on this day with a beautifully written note to express his love to Saba Azad.

He said, That place where you can feel warm, inspired, and safe enough in a partnership – just enough, to be able to shout out together “C’mon life, gimme what you got, bring on the adventure!!”

That’s what it feels like with you. like Home, That’s where the adventure begins..creating magic even with the mundane. And that I learn from you Sa. Thank you for being you. Let’s adventure on. Happy birthday my love.

Fans are expecting that Hrithik’s ex-wife will not be happy after it but he reacts very positively.

Suzan Khan said, Awww, too sweet big love for u both.

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