12th Fail Is Not Big Collection Movie But Still Worth To Watch

The film starred Vikranth Massey in the lead role in 12th Fail continues to gear greater numbers at the box office.

The movie 12th Fail comes in the clash with Kangna Ranaut’s starring movie Tejas. Besides this, the actor Vikranth Massey’s movie storyline surpasses the movie Tejas.

As a result, people continue to like 12th Fail instead of Tejas and now 12th Fail is nominated for the Oscars Awards.

12th fail continues to win audiences’ hearts at the Box office

12th fail’s earning crosses Rs 9.89 crore in five days. On Saturday, Rs 2.51 crore, and on Sunday, Rs 3.12 crore.

But on Monday, the movie declined since, in my opinion, the movie is worth watching as it shows the journey of a UPSC aspirant’s struggles while belonging to a middle-class family and preparing for UPSC.

It shows the struggles that UPSC aspirants are going through, the continued failure, family pressures, and so much in mind.

12h fail has 10.04 percent occupancy and attracts a chunk of the audience at night. The movie is now the talk of the town because the low-budget movie has surpassed the action-packed movie Kangna Ranaut, which failed at the box office.

Farhan Akhtar congratulates the actor on social media.

The famous actor and director of Bollywood, Farhan Akhtar, congratulated the star Vikranth Massey for his success at the box office and wrote, blown away by this inspirational story, and asked his followers to watch the film and said congratulated for a wonderful piece that made my weekend wow. 

12th Fail is a Motivational Movie

The movie is based on the best-selling novel by Anurag Pathak. The novel reflects the struggle of lakhs of students who prepare for UPSC every year beyond the lack of money and family pressure and attempt to crack the UPSC entrance exam

In the movie 12th Fail, the protagonist, Vikranth Massey, portrays the role of 12 failed students who lost their hope, restarted their academic journey, and appeared in the toughest exam named UPSC; the story is very motivational.

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