Tiger 3 Is Banned Before Its Release

Tiger 3 could be a disaster for superstar Salman Khan as the movie is banned in Gulf countries like Oman and Qatar because of movie scenes and script.

Tiger 3 is coming to this Deepawali on November 12, 2023, but the movie starts facing trouble one by one. The pre-booking is very low in South India as people are not showing interest in this movie.

Now another sad news has come out that the Gulf countries ban this movie, Qatar and Oman become the first countries to do this. It is possible that other Gulf countries are also planning to ban the movie.

Why are Gulf countries banning Tiger 3?

There could be other reasons but I think they are banning this movie because of two reasons.

  • Gulf countries are banning this movie because of Katrina Kaif”s towel scene. In one scene Katrina Kaif fights with Michell Lee and both wearing towels. In the scene, both fight and snatch each other towels but no body part is disclosed in the scene.
  • The other reason could be the story related. Emraan Hashmi is playing a terrorist role representing a Pakistani terrorist organization. This could be the strong reason why the Gulf country is banning this movie.

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