Sunny Deol Didnt Like Animal Movie

Animal has been a great movie and still making waves in the theatres. The audience liked the fighting scenes of this film very much.

People have also appreciated the romantic scenes of Ranbir Kapoor and Trupti Dimri shown in the film.

Sunny Deol Didnt Like Animal Movie

While Bobby Deol is being praised a lot in the film, Bobby Deol’s brother Sunny Deol did not like the film Animal.

When Sunny Deol was asked whether he did not like Animal Movie which is currently a blockbuster movie that has broken many records.

On this, Sunny Deol replied that it is not that I did not like Animal completely, the movie is very good but I did not like some parts of the Animal at all.

Concluding his talk, he said that I don’t like some scenes in my film, but it is not that the movie is bad, the movie is good and Animal is also very good.

Sunny Deol praise team Animal

Not only Bobby Deol but Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, Anil Kapoor, and Tripti Dimri have done a very good job in this film.

When people like Animals so much, then no one raises any question about whether I like it or not.

He said that look, nothing is made perfect, I am just saying that I did not like some parts of the movie but the movie is great and I am an action hero myself, so I like action movies.

Sunny Deol praises Bobby Deol’s work

When he was asked how he liked Bobby Deol’s work in this film and how he sees his career going forward.

Responding to this, Sunny Deol said that Bobby Deol is a great actor and he has proved it with Animal.

As far as his future career is concerned, he still has a lot of work to do and if he continues to get good offers, he will emerge as a brilliant actor in Bollywood.

Deol family is happy with Animal’s success

Let us tell you that Sunny Deol’s film Gadar 2 was launched recently and this film created a stir at the box office and broke many records.

So if we say that this time is going very well for the Deol family then there would be nothing wrong with it.

Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol’s father Dharmendra is also very happy to see so much success in his two sons.

Recently the entire family was seen together at the farmhouse on Dharmendra’s birthday celebration.

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