Rajinikanth Starrer Muthu Ready To Release In Tamil On This Date

We all know how good and a superhit actor Rajinikanth is who has given many superhit movies in South Indian cinema. His recent movie was Jailer which made a good collection at the box office.

One of these superhit movies is Muthu, released in 1995. The biggest special thing about this movie was that this movie continued to run in theaters for almost 2 years. Muthu is the silver jubilee of Rajinikanth.

Muthu also released in Japan

Later, seeing the success of this movie, Muthu was also released in Japan in 1998. And it was a great surprise for Indian cinema that the film Muthu ran in theaters in Japan for a year.

When Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Japan in 2008, he was shown Rajinikanth’s film Muthu in a cinema house.

Director of Muthu film, K. S. Ravi Kumar has decided recently that this film will be released again in Tamil version.

Yes, this film can be seen on OTT platforms in languages like Malayalam, Telugu, and Hindi. But this time it will be released in the Tamil language.

The biggest special thing about this movie was Rajinikanth’s acting and the story of this film.

Muthu’s story

The story of the film was very interesting in which Rajinikanth was in the role of Muthu. In this film, Rajinikanth is born as a prince but is brought up like a servant.

Whereas Rajinikanth’s cousin is born to a servant and is later brought up like a prince.

It doesn’t matter that Rajinikanth comes to know that he is the official owner of this property. In the film, Rajinikanth falls in love with a girl and in return, the girl also falls in love with Rajinikanth.

The story of this film looks more interesting to watch than it sounds. Rajinikanth’s acting in this film is praiseworthy.

Rajinikanth’s Muthu Ready To Release In Tamil On This Date

This film will be re-released in Tamil language on 8 December 2023 and it is expected that this film will create a stir at the box office like before.

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