Why Rajinikanth Failed In Bollywood

Rajinikanth’s fans can be seen all over India and Rajinikanth is very much liked in many other countries.

This can be known from the fact that when his film Muthu was released in Japan, that film continued to run in theaters for a year and Rajinikanth is the only Indian star to do so. That’s why the director of Muthu was again released in Tamil language.

Why Rajinikanth Failed In Bollywood

What was the reason that Rajinikanth could not become so famous in Bollywood, although he did many movies he could not become as popular as he is in South Indian cinema.

Rajinikanth’s recently released movie Jailer created a huge stir at the box office and this film is still ruling the hearts of the audience.

If we talk about Rajinikanth’s journey from South Indian cinema to Bollywood, he did many popular movies like Hum in which he worked with Amitabh Bachchan.

Not only Amitabh Bachchan, the big star of that time Govinda was also present in this movie, so this movie did very well at the box office and people also liked this movie.

Along with this, he also worked with Anil Kapoor in the movie Bulandi, the film did well.

The Hindi language could be the reason for his failure

But if we talk about why Rajinikanth could not become so popular in Bollywood, the reason is because of the movies he did with massive stars.

If we talk about him, he did this movie with Amitabh Bachchan and the biggest superstar of his time, Govinda.

It could be seen in this movie that Rajinikanth was not able to deliver Hindi dialogues well, while Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda got a huge advantage of knowing Hindi language.

The same reason with the film Bulandi which he did with Anil Kapoor, this film also featured Hema Malini and many other big stars.

Although Rajinikanth acted well in both these movies and spread his South Indian cinema charm here too, he lagged in dialogue delivery here.

He also tried to reduce the dialogue delivery issue but did not succeed.

Rajinikanth decision to return to South Indian Cinema

Rajinikanth probably understood that due to his lack of command over the Hindi language, he could completely ruin his stardom, hence he again turned to South Indian cinema.

As soon as he went there, he did many action movies which people liked very much. Let us tell you that Rajinikanth is worshiped like a god in South Indian cinema.

The way the image of Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan is created in Bollywood, the same image of Rajinikanth in South Indian cinema.

It is even said that when Rajinikanth signs a movie, he has the guarantee that the movie will do well, and if the movie flops, he will return the entire fee of the movie.


So if we talk about the reason why Rajinikanth failed in Bollywood, then perhaps it has to do with his not having such a good command of the Hindi language.

Even though Rajinikanth does not do films in Bollywood, his films are dubbed in Hindi and shown all over India and are well-liked by the people.

So we feel that even if Rajinikanth does not work in Bollywood, there can be no reduction in his stardom. He was a superstar yesterday, is a superstar today, and will always be a superstar.

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