Vikram With Another Amazing Look In Thangalaan

We all know that Vikram is a versatile actor who can adopt any character like no one else in Indian cinema. This time Vikram is back with an Amazing look in his upcoming movie Thangalaan.

The movie is expected to be released worldwide according to the teaser of the movie in different languages.

Vikram look in Thangalaan

The trailer of the movie was released and Vikram is in the role of a member of a junglee tribe. At first look, you will not identify that this is Vikram but after seconds you will be amazed to see Vikram in this different look.

Vikram is looking absolutely a badass acting like an animal, throwing javelins, and arrows, and breaking a snake like a rope.

The movie Thangalaan is directed by a well-known name in South Indian cinema PA Ranjith. PA Ranjith said when I prepared the script I decided that only Vikram would be in the lead role in my movie.

Now the trailer of the movie launched and after seeing the trailer, PA Ranjith proves that his choice is absolutely correct.

The fans of Vikram are waiting for his movie Thangalaan as it is realising 26th of January 2024. But before that, I think Chiyaan 62 will launch and I must say that both movies will be superhit projects for Vikram.

No dialogue for Chiyaan Vikram in this film

In the trailer launch event, Chiyaan Vikram also mentions that there is no dialogue for Vikram in this film, he will not speak any language in this movie.

Well, that sounds a little weird because if there is no dialogue then how will the audience understand the movie?

Maybe the movie scenes are enough to explain the story of the movie. But this movie is going to be unique for Chiyaan Vikram.

This is going to be a very interesting concept and definitely a challenging character for Vikram. Chiyaan Vikram said that this movie is different from KGF, Kantara, and Bhaubali.

Story of Thangalaan

Thangalaan is a story of a tribal clan that exists in the British era in Kolar Gold Fields. In this movie, the people of the tribe fight to preserve the gold that is present under the mountains.

They fight with Britishers and other mafia to save the gold from them. This is going to be such a beautiful film with Chiyaan Vikram’s new avatar.

Trailer of Thangalaan

Credit: Youtube

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