Vicky Kaushal’s Strategic Answer On Sam Bahadur And Animal Clash

Two very popular Bollywood films, Sam Bahadur, and Animal, are going to be released simultaneously in theaters on the same day 1 December 2023.

The story of both these films is going to be unique, Animal is Ranbir Kapoor’s picture which is a thriller criminal movie.

Talking about Sam Bahadur, it has Vicky Kaushal in the lead role and this movie is a biopic that is based on the India-Pakistan war.

Vicky Kaushal Strategic Answers On Sam Bahadur And Animal Clash

Recently, during a movie promotion, Vicky Kaushal was asked what do you think about the fact that both the movies Animal and Sam Bahadur are being released together. How do you see the outcome of the tribulation of these two movies?

Vicky Kaushal gave a very strategic answer to this.

Vicky Kaushal told the reporter that let us understand this from the cricketing point of view. Suppose two openers are going to open for their team and both are very good players.

This does not mean that both of them are scoring runs while competing against themselves, it appears that both the players are scoring runs for their team.

Using this example of Sam Bahadur and Animal, both of them are very good movies and these movies have been made to take Hindi cinema further.

If both these movies do well then only Hindi cinema will be in benefit and not any individual film or actors.

So don’t see Animal and Sam Bahadur as a clash, see that both of them are great movies and these movies will help take Hindi cinema to greater heights.

Advance bookings are open for these movies

Advance booking of both the movies has started. If you are interested in watching both these movies then you can book your tickets in advance.

Both movies have come with very good stories and we hope that both movies will make good collections at the box office and emerge as good movies.

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