Tiger 3 Failed To Collect 500 Crores After 15 Days

Tiger 3 was such a movie of Salman Khan which not only the fans of Salman Khan but the entire Bollywood was waiting for. But this movie seems to have failed to collect 500 crores now.

Two movies with the title Tiger have already been released which had very good collections at the box office.

People were hoping that Tiger 3 would also give a very good collection to Bollywood like those two movies, but it does not seem to be happening.

Tiger 3 Failed To Collect 500 Crores After 15 Days

It has been 15 days since Tiger 3 was released and the movie has not even crossed the Rs 500 crore mark yet.

When this movie was being released, it was estimated that within 10 days this movie would be able to cross the figure of Rs 600 crores.

However, it is not that the story of the movie is not good or Salman Khan’s acting is not good in it, everything is better in it.

Cricket World Cup causes the movie to fail

But perhaps the movie producers made a mistake regarding the release date of this movie. This movie was released during the World Cup matches, semi-finals, and finals.

India had made it to the final by winning the semi-finals, due to which the fans had forgotten the movie and were focusing on the Cricket World Cup.

During this time, perhaps it was the peak time of this movie because when the movie was released, there should have been enthusiasm among the people, but due to the World Cup, this enthusiasm seemed quite dull.

Will Tiger 3 collect 500 crores?

It is possible that this movie may cross the Rs 500 crore mark in the coming few days. But now it seems impossible that this movie will fetch anywhere near the figure of Rs 600 crores.

Let us tell you that the name of Salman Khan’s upcoming movie is The Bull. And after this, movies like Dabangg, and Kick will also come.


Well, right now Tiger 3 is running in the cinema halls, despite not showing much enthusiasm, many people are coming to watch the movie.

Now it has to be seen how much collection this movie can give at the box office in the coming days.

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