Tejas Is Flopped And Became Nightmare For Kangana Ranaut

The movie Tejas was released on the 27th of October and now it is confirmed that the movie Tejas is flopped or even the biggest flop movie of Kangana Ranaut as the movie is vanishing from theatres because of zero ticket sales.

Here is the full Story

We all knew from the first day that the movie Tejas would not impress the audience. This is not important that every patriotic movie will perform well at the box office, the same thing happened with the movie Tejas.

Kangana Ranaut is in the club of actors who are giving back-to-back flop movies and it is very important for Kangana to think about it now.

She should realize where is she making mistakes like her roles or movie selection because she is a very talented actor in Bollywood. Bollywood cannot afford these kinds of flop movies from the superstar Kangana Ranaut.

It is not even a week since this movie was released and the Movie theatre owners decided to remove the movie from the theatres because no one is interested in spending the money to purchase the Tejas’s ticket.

Even Kangana Ranaut looks in proper Air Force dress is not enough to save her movie in theatres for a week.

The movie is the biggest flop for Kangan Ranaut and she is trolling by the haters by making memes on Instagram, Twitter X, and Facebook. Her fans have nothing in hand to support Kangana Ranaut right now.

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