Sonam Kapoor Invited David Beckham

After so long time Sonam Kapoor is in trend again as he invited football superstar David Beckham home to his home for dinner at her Mumbai residence.

Actually, David Beckham is on an India tour and he is in Mumbai nowadays.  Some sources that David Beckham is in India because of business reasons.

Everybody knows that the husband of Sonam Kapoor, Anand Ahuja is a businessman and Sonam Kapoor is a fashion icon himself.

After retirement from football, David Beckham searched for some other opportunities in business.  The wife of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham is a big fashion icon, she did a lot of fashion shows.

So I think it is not just a dinner it is going to be a big business deal between these two families.  

Sonam Kapoor took a very long break from Bollywood as there have been no such movies from him for a long time. 

I think she is also joining Anand Ahuja in his business and switching his career from acting to entrepreneur.

If Something big happens between them in the future we will definitely share it with you, so be with us and keep searching our website.

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