Shahrukh Khan Will Work With Suhana Khan In King

Suhana Khan made a satisfactory debut in her debut film The Archies only the trailer is out. Now talking about his upcoming project, the name of his upcoming movie will be King in which his co-star himself, his father whose name is Shahrukh Khan, will be in this movie.

Shahrukh Khan himself had said in an interview that his daughter Suhana Khan wants to become a big Bollywood actress.

Shahrukh Khan further said that I am worried or wondering where to get her trained and under whose project I should put her so that he can get a better start.

Suhana Khan’s Picture The Archies is expected to do well and we hope that she will emerge as a good actress in the future.

Advantage of Shahrukh Khan in movie for Suhana Khan

One thing is sure with the name of Shahrukh Khan, 70% chance of a movie becoming a hit, so it is a piece of very good news for Suhana Khan that her father is working with her in the next picture.

We all know that star kids get entry into Bollywood very easily but the public’s expectations of them are also very high.

There was always pressure on Suhana Khan to be Shahrukh Khan’s daughter and in the upcoming movies, we will see that the public will expect her to become a good artist like her father.

Recent hits of Shahrukh Khan

Recently, two films by Shahrukh Khan, Pathan, and Jawan, were released which created a stir at the box office. After this, his upcoming movie Dunki is also in discussion, this movie will be directed by Rajkumar Hirani who is very adept at making superhit movies.

Pathan and Jawan have done well at the box office and to continue this trend further, Shahrukh Khan should choose good pictures.

Talking about Shahrukh Khan and Suhana Khan’s upcoming movie King, this movie could be based on Shahrukh Khan only because he is also called the King Khan of Bollywood.

But talking about the picture, the shooting of this picture has not started yet. But the shooting of King film is likely to start from January 2024 and this shooting will progress very fast and will end soon.


If we talk about Suhana Khan, then this picture will prove to be a big test for her because Shahrukh Khan is a well-known Bollywood actor who acts very well and adapts scenes very well.

So there will be pressure on Suhana Khan to try to match the acting skills of Shahrukh Khan. But his father Shahrukh Khan is in this picture, so he will also get the advantage because he will be there to teach him things at every step.

Now only after the release of King’s movie, we will know how the movie is, what is its story, and how well Suhana Khan will be able to prove herself in this movie.

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