Shahrukh Khan In Dubai For Dunki Promotions

Dunki film is about to come and its promotions have started in full swing. Recently Shahrukh Khan was seen in Dubai for the promotion of this film.

Dubai is considered the second home of Shahrukh Khan because Shahrukh Khan is also the brand ambassador of Dubai.

His film Dunki is about to come from which Shahrukh Khan has a lot of expectations because he says that Dunki is the best among all the movies he has done so far.

Shahrukh Khan In Dubai For Dunki Promotions

See, no matter how good a movie is made, nowadays promotion of the movie has become as important as making the movie well.

It has also been seen that all the good movies coming up do their promotion in Dubai, like recently the Animal movie was released in which Ranbir Kapoor was in the lead role, its promotion was also done in Dubai.

During the movie promotion, Shahrukh Khan also did a stage performance in which Shahrukh Khan also danced to the songs Chaiya Chaiya and O Mahi.

Shahrukh Khan also did his signature step during this time, by seeing this people went crazy and started shouting Shahrukh Shahrukh.

When security saves Shahrukh Khan from his fans

An incident also happened when Shahrukh Khan was shaking hands with his fans, some fans held his hand very tightly and were not let go, so Shahrukh Khan’s security had to intervene and free his hand.

Shahrukh Khan is not angry, hence he did not give any reaction to this and said that this is the love of his fans and he understands this love of his fans very well.

Not only in Dubai Shahrukh Khan promotes Dunki all over India with a team Dunki

However, Shahrukh Khan is not promoting Dunki only in Dubai, tours have been decided at many places in India also for the promotion of this movie.

Not only Shahrukh Khan but the entire team of Dunki is seen promoting the movie and a few days ago we also saw Vicky Kaushal promoting the movie.

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