Security Of Salman Khan On High Alert As Lawrence Bishnoi Threatens Salman Khan Again

We all know that ever since the deer killing case was registered against Salman Khan, he has not been able to come out of trouble.

Now Lawrence Bishnoi again threatened Salman Khan by attacking his friend Gippy Grewal in Canada. Mumbai police put security of Salman Khan on high alert after this attack.

Why Lawrence Bishnoi wants to kill Salman Khan

Although the court has declared him innocent deer killing case, there is a gangster Lawrence Bishnoi who has told Salman Khan that either he should apologize or he will kill him.

Salman Khan has refused to apologize to anyone in this case. He says that when the court has declared him innocent, then who is above the law of India?

But Lawrence Bishnoi is not at all ready to accept this. He says that the people of our society respect the deer a lot and consider it a sacred animal.

Salman Khan will have to come to the temple of our Bishnoi community and apologize for what he did, if I don’t do so then he will lose his life.

Lawrence Bishnoi took the responsibility for attack on Salman Khan’s friend Gippy Grewal

Well, in this matter, Mumbai Police has given him good security, but recently an incident happened in which there was a firing outside the house of Punjabi singer Gippy Grewal, who lives in Canada.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang took responsibility for this firing and said that Gippy Grewal calls Salman Khan his elder brother, so if there was an attack on him then why did his elder brother not do anything?

Lawrence Bishnoi Gang put a post on Facebook and also said that Salman Khan should see what we can do, he can fly to any corner of the world but death does not need to take a visa from anyone.

No matter where Salman Khan goes, we will find him and kill him.

Lawrence Bishnoi also killed Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala before

Lawrence Bishnoi further wrote in his Facebook post that everyone knows how big a traitor Singer Sidhu Moosewala was to the country, and that is why we killed him, similarly, we will kill Salman Khan too.

Let us tell you that Singer Sidhu Moosewala was a big singer of Punjab, whom Lawrence Bishnoi’s gang had killed in public in the middle of the road by shooting at him.

The whole country was shocked by the murder of Sidhu Moosewala because he was a very good singer and appeared to be an equally good person from the outside.

People had raised a lot of questions about the Punjab government because it was not the Punjab government that had given them security.

Everyone knew that the murder of Sidhu Moosewala was committed by Lawrence Bishnoi and his gang members, but the Punjab government could not do anything about Lawrence Bishnoi, he is still in jail.

Salman Khan security

As far as Salman Khan’s security is concerned, Mumbai Police has again given him further assurance by increasing his security and has also instructed Salman Khan to remain alert.

Salman Khan is currently living with A Plus Security. His recent film Tiger 3 has left a good impact at the box office.

Speaking about the attack, Gippy Grewal said that he has no friendship with Salman Khan, he had met Salman Khan only in connection with a film, but he does not know Salman Khan personally at all.

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