Salaar Is A Showstopper Movie Of The Year

Everyone thought that Animal film would be the biggest film of this year but Salaar has beaten everyone. If we say that Salaar is a showstopper movie of the year 2003, then it will be right.

Why Salaar Is A Showstopper Movie Of The Year

If we talk about the box office collection, then Salaar has crossed the figure of Rs 150 crore in India in just 2 days and if we talk about the worldwide collection, then Salaar has crossed the figure of Rs 250 crore.

The film Salaar, directed by Prashanth Neel, is to be released in two parts, the first part of which, Salar Ceasefire- Part 1, has been released.

This movie has been released in many languages like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, and English. This movie is making waves in every region of India and people like this movie very much.

Great comeback by Prabhas

Shahrukh Khan’s stardom seems completely useless in front of Prabhas as the film Dunki completely flopped in front of Salaar.

Prabhas’s last few movies were flops and were able to earn decent money at the box office. Some people felt that Prabhas’s career was in danger but Prabhas rejected all these rumors with the movie Salaar.

If we talk about the movies released in 2003, there were some good movies like Sam Bahadur, Animal, Leo, Gadar 2, and Pathan, while there were some movies which people had high hopes for but these movies were complete flops like Tiger 3, Dunki, etc.

Problems faced by Salaar movie

Before the release of the Salaar movie, some such incidents also happened due to which it seemed as if an attempt was being made to suppress this movie like this movie was given an A certificate by the Censor Board of Film Certification.

At the time of release, it was not released in many movie theaters. Movie theater owners said that they were under pressure not to take bookings for this movie now.

So Prabhas’s fans also alleged that if a big star’s movie is coming with Prabhas, they are afraid that the movie may flop completely due to Prabhas’s stardom.

And we got to see something similar in the movie Dunki. Shahrukh Khan’s film Dunki is looking helpless in front of Prabhas’s Salaar and this movie is all set to flop if we say that if this movie has flopped then it would be fine.

Salaar comparison with other movies

Some people even say that the film Salaar is a much better movie than KGF and Animal and it is absolutely in comparison to Prabhas’s previous film Baahubali.

A comparison of Salaar movie cannot be done with any movie, comparison of this movie can be done only with Prabhas’s Baahubali movie.

Final Verdict

Experts are to be believed, this film can cross the Rs 1000 crore mark in the coming time. Even if this happens, it will not be surprising because the film is very good.

Not only Prabhas but Prithviraj Sukumaran has also done a very good job in this film. Prashant Neel gets the credit for the excellent direction in this movie.

If you are fond of watching great action movies then you will like Salaar movie very much. Different levels of action have been shown in this movie, seeing which you will not feel at all that this is a traditional old-fashioned movie.

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