Rishab Shetty Is Coming With Kantara Chapter 1

Kantara movie was released on 22 September 2022. It was not a big-budget movie but still, it made a huge collection at the box office, leaving behind good big-budget movies.

This movie made in South Indian cinema broke many records and people liked it so much that they went to the theater again and again to watch this movie.

The writer, director, and actor of this movie, Rishabh Shetty put such a soul into this movie that every scene was worth watching.

Rishab Shetty Is Coming With Kantara A Legend Chapter 1

If we talk about the story, it shows the connection between a common man and God. If you have also seen this picture, today we have brought a piece of very good news for you. A teaser also out of Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 first look and Rashab Shetty looking different in Mahadev avatar.

The good news is that Rishabh Shetty is going to work again on the next part of this masterpiece, which will start on 27 November 2023. This picture has been titled Kantara A Legend Chapter 1.

Muhurta puja will be held on 27 November 2023 and the shooting of this movie will also be started in the beginning or middle of December.

Release date of Kantara A Legend Chapter 1

The set for the project has been completely prepared in Film City where it is to be shot. If we talk about the script, the script of this movie is completely ready and the casting has also been decided.

If we talk about the release date, then Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 is likely to hit the theaters by the end of 2024 in November or December. Well, Rishabh Shetty has given a crude message that Kantara Chapter 1 can be released in theaters on 22nd December.


We watched the Kantara and the movie was quite good which entertained the audience a lot and explained to them about the hidden ritual.

So we hope that Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 will also be based on a similar concept. Ever since the news came out that the second part of Kantara is coming, there has been a lot of excitement in fans.

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