Man Behind Yash Raj Films Spy Universe

Today after the release of the movie Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 everybody’s talking about YRF’s Spy universe. But do you know who is behind Spy Universe?

Shridhar Raghavan is the man who started this Universe for Yash Raj films.

So let’s talk about the Yash Raj Film Spa universe and also about the man who created this universe, Shridhar Raghavan.

Movies of Yash Raj Films spy universe

Yash Raj Film is popular under the name of Spy Universe because they gave many spy movies like War, Pathan, and the series of Salman Khan’s movie Tiger.

The starting of this is from Tiger movie which was released in 2011 and that was the finest movie they made on Spy and that movie became a super hit.

Shridhar Raghavan in CID

Shridhar Raghavan is a very experienced guy in this field because he was a creative producer in CID which was a very good spy television serial.

He did CID for almost 3 years and then he switched his career to Bollywood.

Early Career of Shridhar Raghavan

In his starting career in Bollywood, he wrote many movies one movie for Amitabh Bachchan called Deewar. He also wrote famous movies like Apaharan and Bluffmaster.

He also wrote a movie for Akshay Kumar Chandni Chowk to China which was the only flop movie Shridhar Raghavan wrote.

As Yash Raj Films focused on a spy Universe rather than making romantic movies like before.  So I think there are many more projects in the future for Shridhar Raghavan with Yash Raj films.

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