Kanguva Could Be The Best Movie For Suriya

Suriya is a big star of South Indian movies. He has done many good movies and is a very versatile actor. He is known for his very good acting skills and his upcoming movie Kanguva could be the best movie for Suriya.

But till now he has not got any such good or big movie as Prabhas got Baahubali movie. Prabhas whose name had become very high started getting offers from Bollywood too like Adipurush, Sahoo, and his new upcoming movie Salaar is coming.

Kanguva Could Be The Best Movie For Suriya

After a long time, Suriya has got a big project. The name of this project is Kanguva and in this movie, he is seen in the role of a warrior as we have seen in the trailer that has just been released.

This can prove to be one of the best movies of Suriya’s career because it looks like a very high-budget movie and a lot of special effects have been seen in it as we have seen in the trailer.

If we talk about the story, as far as we can understand from the trailer, a 1000 to 1500-year-old concept story has been picked up, in which there is a clan whose leader is probably shown to be Suriya, his name is Ganga In this movie.

This seems to be a very different story as we have not seen this type of story in any South Indian cinema of Bollywood till now.

If we look carefully at this trailer, there was a Hollywood movie called Attila, which too was based on the leader of a clan who participates in a lot and lives, so perhaps this movie seems to be based on this movie.

But as it is a trailer of only one and a half to two minutes, it is not clear what kind of movie has been made and what will be its story.

But as the release date of this movie approaches, the movie makers will slowly start unveiling its story so that we will be able to know what this movie is and what it is about.

The shooting of Kanguva is about to end

Quoting some sources, we have received news that the shooting of this movie is in its final stages and will be completed by the end of December.

After a month or two of promotions, this movie will probably be released in February or March 2024.

Kanguva is going to be released in 38 languages

The most special thing about this movie which is making it different from others is that the movie makers have told that they will release this movie in 38 different languages. The movie will also be rereleased in 2d and 3d.

Usually, a movie is released in 17 to 18 languages, but releasing it in 38 languages means that there is a plan to release this movie on a very large scale worldwide.

If this movie proves to be a huge hit, then Suriya will be seen as a big icon not only in India but all over the world.

Whatever it is, it is a different matter but this movie will really be worth watching and we wish Suriya that this movie proves to be a big hit and he can become a big star in this world.

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