Kangana Ranaut Hints To Be Politician

After her movie, Tejas is one of the biggest flop movies this year now rumors coming that Kangana Ranaut is planning to become a politician.

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut’s recent movie makes headlines after the super flop of Tejas. Kangna now visits the Dwarkadhish temple of Lord Krishna on Friday (November 3).

The Bollywood actress, who is always surrounded by circles of controversies, has now created political ripples after the 11 flop movies.

She has hinted that she may join the BJP and enter into the political world. This hint was given during the Panchayat Aaj Tak held in Shimla on October 29.

Let’s know what ordinary people and leaders of Himachal Pradesh spoke about this humor. Media interacted with the few leaders of the BJP and Congress leaders in mandi to see the actress’s upcoming plans.

In an Interaction with the Media, Kangna said she may join Politics soon

The media person asked if she would fight in the next Lok Sabha elections, and for this, the actress Ranaut replied, “Bhagwan Shri Krishna ki kripa rahi to landenge; this clearly means that she’s planning to join the politics.

Kangna, on Her visit to the Dwarkadhish Temple

I visited the temple many times, and it just gave me peace of mind. In recent days, when my 11th movie didn’t go well on the screen, I was very disappointed and didn’t know what to do next; then, by taking blessings from the temple I felt very blessed.

I believe that Dwarkadhish is present in every particle. I became blessed when I visited Him. Whenever I got free, I took a trip to the temple.

She also commended how the BJP leaders fought for the lord rama temple after a 600-year struggle. She always admired the BJP leader, but now she’s giving a hint that she will join politics soon.

In this interaction, she also discussed her upcoming films, including “Emergency” and “Tanu Weds Manu Part 3.”

There have been reports that Kangana who has always been surrounded by controversies and has issued many critical political topics, always passes statements on nepotism and politics.

She has always admired the Modi government, and as a result, she has always been the target of the Opposition for the same.

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