Jailer Movie Villain Vinayakan Arrested

After the success of Jailer, Vinayakan was approached by the other directors of the South Indian industry. Vinayakan an antagonist, in the industry, is a big name.

His notable works notable films, such as ‘Dhruva Nakshathiram’ in Tamil and ‘Karikandhan’ in Malayalam. 

Following the success of ‘Jailer,’ he has enjoyed numerous opportunities in the film industry, making his recent behavior all the more disappointing to his admirers.

Recently, Vinayakan was arrested by Ernakulam North police on charges of behaving disruptively in a public place in a drunken state.

The actor allegedly caused a commotion at the Ernakulam Town North police station in the evening, where the police summoned him after he reportedly created some issues at his apartment.

Now, Vinayakan was leaving with the police after the medical assassination. When he was asked about the reason for the arrest, he said, Please ask the police why I was brought here (hospital).” 

Vinayakan, who was recently seen in Rajinikanth’s Jailer, underwent a medical examination because it is doubted that he appeared under the influence of alcohol, leading to a tumultuous situation. 

Police officials confirmed that the arrest was a result of his rude behavior, which disturbed the station’s normal functioning.

The police officials confirmed that the actor was affected by alcohol, to the effect that he verbally abused the officers and misbehaved with them.

Because of this, the police officials promptly filed a case against Vinayakan, and his disruptive action ultimately led to his formal arrest.

Who is Vinayakan?

Vinayakan is an actor, dancer, and composer of Tamil and Malayalam cinema; he started his career in 1995 in Maanthrikam.

He was awarded the Kerela Filmfare award for his iconic performance in Kamathipaatham. He gained popularity as an antagonist after working in Rajnikanth’s movie Jailer.

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